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How we increased Brow Art Asia’s Leads By 10X within 3 months

The Client

Brow Art Asia is a beauty chain specialising in eyebrow and eyelash grooming services. Due to intense competition in the industry, Brow Art Asia decided to engage us to help them increase their awareness and sales leads using social media.


As the industry is saturated and customers are mostly price-sensitive, it can be difficult to attract customers, whom might have already been exposed to hundreds of eyebrow and eyelash promotions on Facebook.



Instead of posting just “Before and After” photos on Facebook, we devised a content strategy consisting of Q&A, eyebrow and skincare tips and lifestyle photos. Q&A helps to alleviate any common concerns that first-time customers might have, while the other contents help to solidify Brow Art as being an expert in the industry.

Ad Targeting

After conducting our market research, we found out that their competitors are targeting the usual interest groups like: “eyebrows” and “beauty”, where hundreds of other brands are also fighting for the same ad space on Facebook.

Without a strong differentiating factor among the brands, the cost to acquire a new customer can be high.

Therefore, we adopted a different ad targeting strategy and targeted interests that are not directly related to beauty, but would still require grooming services

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Within 3 months of managing their Facebook page, we managed to garner over 987* leads based on the leads form, comments and Facebook PM. This was 10 times the amount of leads that Brow Art Asia get from social media monthly.

*Direct enquiries via phone were not tracked.
Why what we did worked

In order to maximise the results of each campaign, we would first need to grasp what makes people go on social media, and what kind of contents they would love to see on their feed. No one gets on Facebook to see ads – social media users want to consume contents that are relevant to them. By tailoring contents to their needs, not only do we provide value to the fans, the brand will also be seen as a source for information and entertainment.

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