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How a new health content portal became an Asia powerhouse with over 300k Facebook fans within a year.

The Client

HealthLoco is a health content portal that aims to produce interesting, credible articles and reviews on all things health-related. Within less than a year of inception, the Facebook page has garnered over 330k fans from all around Asia. Contents posted on the page usually go viral, with impressions often reaching 1 million and up.


Created at around the time when Facebook decided to change its news feed algorithm to show less of pages’ content, HealthLoco faced a seemingly uphill battle to garner engagement and page likes.


There is a lot of misinformation online, with many promoting and spreading the latest health trends without any proper research.

Instead of relying on click baits and false news to gain temporary viewership and engagement, HealthLoco focused on creating contents that people can put their absolute faith in.

We also developed a brand personality for HealthLoco. The “tone of voice” used on the social media is always motivating, positive, fun and sometimes “loco” (Spanish for crazy).


Our strategy worked, and it worked really well. Within less than a year, HealthLoco exploded in popularity and garnered over 330k fans (as of Sep 2018) from all around Asia. Despite the algorithm changes, HealthLoco’s contents would still go viral organically, with impressions often reaching 1 million and up.

With the current performance, the company is on track to reach 1 million Facebook fans within the next year!

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