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How we helped a new bridal boutique rise above the competition in the highly competitive bridal industry

The Client

Malena Bridal is a bridal boutique that provides full wedding services in Singapore. Established in 2015, Malena Bridal quickly rose above the competition and became one of the most sought-after bridal boutique among young couples who are looking for something different.


Being a new start-up, Malena Bridal faces intense competition. Besides the lack of reviews in an industry where customers are reliant on word-of-mouth, most local competitors are engaged in a price war.

Coupled with competitors from neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Vietnam, who are able to offer lower prices for their wedding packages, Malena Bridal needed a strong unique selling point in order to attract customers.


Through our research and survey, we found out that the bride is actually the one that is the key-decision maker during the wedding planning process. Therefore, instead of making the price-point the main focus, we decided weave in love stories into the marketing campaigns to appeal to the emotions of the brides. Visuals are accompanied with cheesy, yet extremely romantic and relevant to couples getting married, love stories written from a first person perspective.

Other contents include wedding tips, love quotes, Q&A and testimonials from customers. We wanted both new and current fans of the page to be able to benefit from the contents that are posted.


After more than 6 months of building up the brand’s fan base and branding, contents on Malena Bridal started gaining traction among young couples looking for something different.

Testimonials from customers


Malena specialises in high fashion pre wedding shoot and it was exactly what we are looking for as well! We wanted something different, something out of the norm and our photographer, Micky Wong captured it all.

Our wedding guests was gushing at what they called the “Wedding Editorial Shoot”


I found out about Malena through their Facebook advert and i knew for sure that this would be it as they had the type of gown that i dreamed of. Malena bridal is tucked away in a quiet corner along upper thomson road but as soon as i stepped into the shop, i was in awe of the many beautiful gowns and very pretty decor!

It is a 3 level shop house that has been so beautifully furnished to make you feel comfortable and at home. Their gown collection is amazing! The design, quality and details put into the gowns make them stand out from the other bridal shops. I am definitely recommending Malena to all brides to be.

While the bigger competitors had a larger fan base, their engagement levels were below 1%. Campaigns on Malena Bridal garnered high levels of engagement – with many tagging their significant others in the comments and also complimenting on the quality of the content.

314K reach, 2085 engagement
166K reach, 2536 engagement
102K reach, 1,285 engagement

Why what we did worked

For a new business to rise to the top of the industry, it is essential that the business not only provide excellent products and services, but also harness and capitalise on their USPs by amplifying it on social media.

With the advent of Google and social media, competition is no longer localized; a business now has competition all over the world. Businesses that fail to adapt to the digital era will soon be forced from the competitive market place.

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In a competitive market such as Bridal Services, it requires more effort and time to rank for Bridal related keywords.


Although most keywords are still not appearing on page 1. Most keywords we are optimising are already on page 2 on Google.

We will be expecting organic traffic to increase drastically in the upcoming months as keywords are starting to appear on page 1. Examples of such keywords are: Wedding Gown Rental Singapore and Wedding Gown for Rent Singapore. We will be expecting close to 10 competitive keywords to be on page 1 in 2018.

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