E-Commerce Web Design & Development

The future is here, ladies and gentlemen.

Digital marketing has ensured that print advertising is all but a thing of the past, and eCommerce sites are giving brick and mortar stores a run for their money. We live in a digital age where most of us are on social media and everyone is linked wirelessly through their smartphones, tablets and computers. What this means for businesses is that the internet has imbued companies employing eCommerce business strategies with the means of reaching an unprecedented number of consumers online, leaving their competitors in the dust.

In this aggressive economic climate, you either adapt or you go extinct. Don’t get left behind– work with our team of consummate professionals to create an eCommerce digital platform so you can tap into an enormous pool of potential consumers online.

Advantages of eCommerce website

  1. Display products – A key benefit of eCommerce is the efficiency and ease at which you can display your products for a vast body of consumers. Potential buyers can simply search online for the product they want instead of having to sift through physical shelves of goods that they’re not interested in, ensuring that you’re more connected than ever to your consumers.
  2. Increase revenue – Brick and mortar stores tend to reach a limited amount of people, as its regular consumers are likely to be restricted to people who reside within the immediate vicinity of the physical store. However, online stores aren’t restricted by geographical location – potential customers from every corner of Singapore are just as likely to access your eCommerce website, enabling stores to reach a larger volume of customers, increasing your volume of sales and in turn, your revenue.
  3. Secure Payments – eCommerce websites rely on digital transactions instead of physical cash, which are guarded against hackers and malicious programs by the state-of-the-art technology and programs employed by eCommerce providers and banks whose credibility rests on their ability to defend the security of their online transactions. Hence the security of payments has all but been guaranteed by eCommerce sites.
  4. Good shopping experience – There used to be a time where shoppers would have to leave their houses and spend hours browsing catalogs and shelves of products in order to find something that they would like to purchase. With the onset of eCommerce websites, however, buyers can browse through, select and order their desired product without ever having to leave their chair. eCommerce provides customers with an efficient, convenient alternative to the brick and mortar shopping experience.

Our Approach

Here at Incepte, we have a simple approach to client satisfaction; we strive to provide an eCommerce service that grants our clients a vibrant and far-reaching digital platform to connect to a massive online audience. We aim to execute this goal by having our illustrious team of hardworking and experienced professionals pool their collective expertise together to contribute to the creation and development of an engaging, interactive eCommerce website capable of reaching more people than you would have ever reached through print media and physical commerce. Our websites are specifically tailored to augment the appeal of your services and products.

  1. Interactive website design – Due to the hustle and bustle of the ever-moving, ever-changing modern world, the attention span of the average consumer has been drastically whittled down to a few seconds. To overcome this, our websites are designed to be highly interactive and engaging so as to capture the interest of your potential consumers.
  1. Web Design (UI/UX) – At Incepte, we neither prioritize style or substance, nor substance over style. Instead we ask; “why not both?” Our crack team of web designers always keep in mind both the User Interface (UI) design – which generally refers to how usable the website is – and User Experience (UX) design – which refers to how appealing the website is to its users – when designing every page.

CMS for eCommerce Website

A content management system (CMS for short) is an essential tool for the effective operation of any eCommerce service. In layman’s terms, the CMS is an online app that facilitates both the generation and alteration of all our clients’ content. At Incepte, we utilize CMS to fulfil a large array of tasks, including ensuring user functionality, overseeing the installation and upgrading of setup assistants, and creating Universal Resource Locators (otherwise known as URLs) integrated with search engine optimization (SEO), all of which are the building blocks of a successful eCommerce website. To ensure the quality of these services, we only use the best brands in the business

For Example:

  1. Magento – Any eCommerce expert worth his salt knows about Magento, an open-source eCommerce content management system that’s gaining tremendous popularity for being exceedingly adaptable and customizable, allowing it to cater to every client’s needs. In addition, Magento is renowned for its ability to offer its users one of the most valuable traits a website can have – the capacity to load a website quickly.
  1. WooCommerce – The premiere content management system for the intrepid eCommerce web designer, WooCommerce grants its users a myriad of advantages, including a simple, highly accessible interface that’s easy to operate even for relatively green users. Among these features, WooCommerce boasts a distinct brand of versatility that allows for the smooth operation of a diverse range of extensions.