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What is Mobile Application?

Who would have thought that the pinnacle of modern communications technology would have ever fit snugly inside the pockets of your trousers? Smartphones have become more than a marvel of applied science – they’ve become a ubiquitous necessity for most of Singapore’s working adult population (and a substantial portion of our teenage demographic, as well). Phones have evolved to function as more than tools to message or call others, largely because of the development of mobile applications. Phones have evolved to function as more than tools to message or call others, largely because of the mobile applications development company.

Why Mobile Application?

If you were to ask folks about the one thing they can’t live a day without, odds are that they’d reply with either “my food” or “my phone”.

In a day and age where just about everyone over the age of 12 has access to a smartphone or  tablet with a dozen mobile applications downloaded onto it, marketing your product through a mobile application is an extremely relevant and highly effective method for reaching massive demographics from tech-savvy teens to smartphone-toting working professionals. Create a mobile application for your business to gain potential access to an unprecedented amount of possible customers.



Allowing smartphone users to opportunity to chance upon your business’ mobile application while they’re browsing through their mobile device’s application stores significantly bolsters your brand recognition as it enables a vast swathe of smartphone users to become aware of your brand even if they elect not to download the application immediately.


Mobile applications provide a highly engaging avenue for businesses to engage with their customers through games, point systems or entertaining mobile application interfaces that attract the attention of smartphone users. In addition, customers could also purchase products and give feedback directly through the mobile application, resulting in an extremely engaging service.


If you’ve ever seen a notification pop up on your phone screen containing a new promotion from one your mobile applications, you know how effective these apps are for informing their users about their services and promotions. After viewing these advertisements, intrigued users could simply tap on your app to find out more, and a few taps later they could very well have purchased your products or hired, potentially resulting in an almost instantaneous spike in sales.


Applications have a truly extensive array of features built into them, among which includes facilitating the reputation management of your company through a variety of methods including the collation and analysis of data from the comments on your applications to find out what your consumers usually associate your brand and products with.

Our Approach

Our approach to mobile app development primarily involves listening to the specific needs and demands of our clients before developing comprehensive software architecture to carry out the precise requirements of your products or services. Lean upon our team’s marketing acumen and technological expertise to craft a mobile application that not only charms your firm’s target audience but garners the interests and catches the eyes of a wider demographic. After all, the point of expanding into the mobile application market is to broaden the appeal of your product to the multitude of mobile application users –and Incepte can help you do that.

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