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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of digital marketing that employs a strategy of paid search advertising or “pay per click” (PPC) techniques to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages.

Using exhaustive research and the most complex of algorithms, search engine marketing strives to maximize the amount of quality traffic based on how receptive the target audience is towards a range of keywords. Using this stratagem, Search Engine Marketing ensures the visibility and prominence of your web page in the eyes of your ideal consumer demographic. In Singapore, customers and businesses use Internet to look for services and products. Using SEM, we can reach out to potential customers and businesses instantly!

Why SEM?

In a world of consumers who are almost entirely reliant on search engines to seek out goods and services on the internet, the number of people who click on links appearing the first page of a search engine result tend to far outstrip the number of people who click on any other form of online advertisement. Without SEM, you’re almost definitely headed for ruination in this climate of frenzied digital marketing.

Hence, to maintain a competitive advantage, while increasing brand visibility and online presence through cost-effective methods, Search Engine Marketing is crucial to any online enterprise – and Incepte is just the company to do it for you.

Advantages of SEM

Increases Visibility

The Internet is a swirling sea of competing online businesses, and search engines are a consumer’s map to navigating such turbulent waters. If your page doesn’t appear on the first page of your ideal audience’s search engine results, you’re in deep water. SEM aims to rectify this by buying you webpage a prominent place on the search engine results.

Online Presence

Consumers are more likely to come across your business if it has a massive online presence. Such online presence stems from a high volume of traffic created as a result of Search Engine Optimization, which would invite consumers to click on the link and consider purchasing your goods and services.

Competitive Advantage

It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the realms of business, and it’s the dogs in the virtual segment of today’s markets are especially vicious. Pretty much business out there has their own website competing with yours for recognition and traffic. Getting a competitive advantage over these hordes of rival websites can be most effectively achieved through the strategy of search engine marketing.

Cost Effectiveness

There are many forms of digital marketing: while advertising on other websites which target similar demographics are certainly appealing options with definite benefits, splurging on these ads tend to be less effective than spreading the word about your brand’s webpage by having it show up on a sponsored link top of a results list which thereby ensures cost effectiveness.

Why SEM?

Drawing upon our consummate team of professional’s immense knowledge of search engine trends and observed behavioural patterns, Incepte endeavours to satisfy the needs of each and every client by engaging in rigorous search engine marketing strategies to ensure that there’s an optimal degree of brand exposure for possible customers trawling the internet. Through thorough planning, collaboration and consistent optimization, we’ll curate your content and insert words and phrases designed to attract your target demographic when they see your webpage prominently displayed as a sponsored link on their search engine results.


Before we embark on any venture, an essential aspect of Incepte company strategy is that our search engine marketing team will brainstorm together to formulate a comprehensive plan that plays to all our member’s respective strengths and expertise while accounting for as many contingencies as we could possibly predict.

Understand Client’s Aspect

At Incepte, we believe constant communication and collaboration with our clients at every point of the way is absolutely crucial to building healthy relationships amongst our clientele. We’ll strive to understand and analyze your concerns and needs, then walk you through every step of our execution so as to ensure your complete and utter satisfaction with our project.

Campaign Setup

After planning out every miniscule detail and taking into consideration any potential hiccups and analyzing your needs alongside you, our team will begin to construct a campaign to systematically select and curate a list of search engine keywords which appeal to your target demographic so that you might attain prominence on the search results page and a greater online presence.

Campaign Optimization

At Incepte, we strongly believe that the optimization of campaigns is essential to the successful execution of a search engine marketing project. We’ll work with you over the course of the project to ensure that the stratagems we’re employing are ensuring optimal returns, quality traffic and high conversions through effective targeting of an ideal audience.

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