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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Singapore


Social Media Marketing is the combination of social media with other channels to create value for stakeholders. Stakeholders can be customers, employees, suppliers, and even bloggers. In this age, where corporate world is challenging and hostile, business owners are turning towards quick, cost effective and result oriented strategies to market their products or services.

Social Media Marketing is a new way of communicating your message and spreading awareness about your products to a large part of your potential customers.

What We Do?

Incepte is a social media marketing agency in Singapore that provides social media marketing services to its clients.

As a social media agency in Singapore, we provide more than just social media management. We also provide services for our clients such as:
Conceptualizing, planning and execute of online campaigns. We also provide services such as Graphic Designs, Video Productions, Video Editing, A/B Testing for Sponsor Advertising, Content Creation and Curation, Community Management and many others!

Why is Social Media Marketing important to me?

The world is addicted to the internet and these days, internet is mostly about social media. Research indicates that people spend more time on social media websites than checking personal emails.
Social Media Marketing can really help boost to bring in the right traffic towards your website. It will also help enhance your SEO features. With so many people spending hours on social media websites, you are to be noticed quickly by interested customers.

Having product awareness on social media is not a shortcut but a quicker way to increase number of customers. Many companies have pages and product related awareness links on social media websites. There are also applications available that help you create your own personal social media website. In this case you have the option to customize your appearance rather than going with fixed templates.

The current internet technology is providing so much flexibility, time and money saving tools that it is basically a big mistake not to try them out.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Companies are using many tools and strategies to enhance their online presence. These tools include SEO and SEM. Social Media Marketing is a more visible and creative way of marketing. Following are some benefits of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Singapore

Interacting with your customers can create a connection between you and them, as discussed earlier. People use social media for bragging and bringing attention to certain topics. They will treat your products in the same way bringing in more customers.

Social Media Marketing in Singapore

It is easy to bring in customers but difficult to form long term relationships with them. Forming these relationships is the priority of marketing. Research and surveys indicate that companies using social media have more customer loyalty. SMM services by Incepte help you connect to your customers.

Social Media Marketing Singapore

Engaging with social media gives a human factor to your business. This creates an element of trust. You are more likely to interest potential buyers. Incepte strives to make you credible through valuable SMM services.

Web design & development

Since social media is so popular, it helps companies and brands associated with them popular as well. Many social media sites like Twitter use hashtags. Hashtags are like the keywords of social media. Social websites are a gateway of traffic towards your content. Incepte provides SMM services that drive the right traffic to you.

Why Engage us for Social Media Marketing?

Incepte is a rising company that will be providing Social Media Marketing services. We have skilled professionals that are committed to providing quality services to our clients. Incepte is group of dedicated people who want to give you the right value for your money.