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What makes branded content different?

We all have been exposed to traditional marketing – where the content focuses on the product benefits, features and unique selling points. Let’s face it; we are sure that at least one of your ad campaigns is still employing this technique.

Branded content takes a different approach. It considers the story behind the average consumer first, and companies connect with their audience in a way that creatively links to a product.

Instead of telling what is best about their product, branded content aims to find a problem that the customer is experiencing, and show them how to solve it. It is a blend of marketing and storytelling, approaching consumers from an emotional and personal level.

A good piece of branded content can create a positive association between the brand and their audience, without being too “salesy”.

“People don’t like being sold to. It’s a discomforting experience.”

Instead of straight advertising, branded content is all about getting your product or service out there in a highly entertaining way – utilising a host of emotions like happiness, warmth, pride, nostalgia, sadness, awe or shock.

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