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What is it that makes brand contents from Sephora, Nike and Ikea so distinctive? If you take a look at some of the most successful content marketing strategies, you would discover that the best are the ones that reflect a unique brand persona.

Building a brand persona that resonates

1. What your brand stands for
2. What promises your brand can make to customers
3. What personality your brand would like to convey through social media

When you engage Incepte as your digital marketing agency, we will do a market research and find out:

– The set of qualities that humanise your brand to users

– The tone of voice that is relatable to users and aligns with the brand

We will then craft the contents and visuals to align with the brand value propositions. Some of these elements would include logo colours, corporate font, tagline and many others that will help communicate your brand’s overall story and persona to the customers.

Why a persona is important

An authentic persona can help establish trust with users and help maintain their loyalty, as brands with a distinctive persona are usually easier to remember and identify.

A brand personality would also teach customers how they should be using your products, and how a company should fit into their lifestyle.

If you do not create a persona intentionally, it is easy for a brand to communicate the wrong message through one aspect of its presentation. In all, it is all about turning a company that might often come across as cold and impersonal into something that people can relate to.

At Incepte, we are one of the best in creating exciting brand personas for businesses. Contact us now using the form below or drop us an email at now!