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Facebook is big. As the largest social media platform in the world, it has more than 2.2 billion active users, 66% of whom log in on a daily basis. It is estimated that there would be 3.16 million Facebook users in 2018 – which is almost half of Singapore’s population.

With such a large user base, ignoring Facebook marketing in Singapore can be a costly mistake for most marketers and brands. Your customers and potential customers are using Facebook. If your business is not on it, then you are missing out – BIG TIME!

Facebook marketing, when done right, can communicate your brand’s core message and personality, attracts and engages both new and existing customers, and converts fans into customers. Here are the benefits of Facebook marketing:

Suitable for:

  • Businesses who use Facebook mainly for Sales/Lead Generation
  • Businesses already updating it’s business page regularly

Main Scope of Work:

  • Conceptualising of Ad Campaign
  • Conceptualising of Ad Visuals (Video/Gif/Graphic)
  • Ad Optimisation
  • A/B Testing
  • Audience Research
  • Interest Targeting

Suitable for:

  • Businesses which wish to maintain regular updates on Facebook
  • Suitable for businesses that do not have graphic designers or enough manpower

Main Scope of Work:

  • Creative Content Creation
  • Conceptualising of Visuals (Videos/Gifs/Graphics)
  • Copywriting

Suitable for:

  • Businesses which uses Facebook as an important tool for online awareness, sales, traffic, branding
  • Suitable for all businesses who wish to engage an agency to work on all areas it’s Facebook page

Main Scope of work:

  • Consist of both Facebook Ad Campaign & Facebook Page Maintenance

Timeline Monitoring & Engagement:

  • Engagement with Fans & Followers: Replying of PMs and Comments
  • Community Management

Social Listening:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customisable Analysis
  • Monitoring of all trackable & relevant online platforms
  • Crisis Management on Negative reviews and posts within 24hours
Be found by current and new customers

As mentioned, if your business has a presence on Facebook, then it is another place for your existing customers to interact with you, and increases the chance that potential customers will find your business.

Target people by their demographics

One of the most exciting features of Facebook Ads is the ability to target the ad to the type of person you want to market to, based on their age, gender, location, interests and many others.

Measurable results

A lot of small business owners are hesitant to advertise on Facebook because they are not sure what kind of results they can expect, and what is their return on investment (ROI).

However, Facebook provides you with all the tools and data to let you measure the success of your advertising campaign in real-time. You can easily track the activity from your ads and even how many conversions you are getting.

Drive traffic to your website/blog

Facebook marketing can increase the reach of your blog contents, thereby increasing exposure and awareness for your business.

Increase your SEO ranking

Facebook marketing can improve your search engine ranking due to the social signals it creates. Engagement statistics like shares, likes and comments work in tandem to make you more favourable in the eyes of search engines.

While Facebook can generate massive revenue for your business, ads require unique strategy and attention to actually perform, especially since the algorithm on Facebook is ever-changing. To excel in this landscape, not only do you have to come out with interesting contents and campaigns on a daily basis, you also need to be able to:

1. Be on top of trending articles and viral contents

2. Monitor current campaigns, lead-generating landing pages, social ads etc.

3. Conduct research on the latest happenings in the industry

4. Answer customer’s enquiries and handle any unfavourable feedbacks

5. Use web analytics software to monitor performance and suggest actions for improvement

These are only part of the job scope. Once you have a first-hand experience on Facebook marketing yourself, you would recognise the value and amount of work it would take to run a successful Facebook page.

At Incepte Pte Ltd, we strive to provide one-of-a-kind Facebook Marketing services to our clients. We are not your usual run-of-the-mill agencies, but one that utilises the latest social media tools and techniques, engages in-depth data analysis and conceptualises creative marketing campaigns and contents, all of which to set you apart from the rest of your competitors. Arrange a meeting with us and let us develop a solid digital marketing strategy for your business today!

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