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Imagine this: You are standing at the back of an elevator when a group of management-level leaders enters. They are the key decision makers for your prospective client – and they are discussing exactly what they need from you as a solution provider. You now have all the “market intelligence” you need to craft the perfect pitch.

Does that sound like a dream to you? It is not a dream anymore. This is the type of insights you are able to glean via social listening.

What is Social Listening?

In its most technical sense, social listening is where you monitor or track information online where your brand or business was cited or discussed. When you engage in social listening, you track conversations around specific topics, keywords, phrases, brands or industries.

This information is then leveraged to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.

Why is social listening important?

Social listening keeps your brand aware of the bigger picture and shines a light on on-going issues.

Social listening can:

– Track overall brand health

– Allow you to craft content that your target audience wants

– Generate ideas for marketing campaigns

– Improve your customer experience

– Drive strategic product decisions

One of the most important things about social listening is that you can respond to strategic missteps in real time. What you perceive as a great marketing move could turn out to be a huge mistake. The key in such situations is take action as quickly as possible to contain and correct the issue – which social media listening will better equip you to do. Similarly, if you are gaining traction for your latest marketing campaign, you will know right away and are better equipped to capitalise on the extra attention.

To successfully engage with today’s customers, your business needs more than just historical social media data. You need “in the moment” customer insights so you can accurately target and deliver the most relevant and engaging content, and only social listening allows you to do this.

It’s not too late to take social listening seriously. If you are willing to accept it, then you have already made a big step towards adopting it. Once you have started on social listening, not only will you wish you had started sooner, but you won’t be able to see yourself without it.