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In today’s world, digital marketing is critical to any business model – whether it is an established MNC or an emerging start-up. The digital presence is something that has become a basic necessity to make your presence felt.

However, from what we have seen so far, most of the businesses in Singapore are still ill equipped with the necessary digital knowledge. Sure, most of you know how to post on Facebook and Instagram and to boost the post to their target audience – Facebook has improved on its system and made it easy for everyone to do ad boosting. It is, however, the social media analytics part that almost 90% of the companies are lacking.

What is Social Media Analytics?

Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media and analysing that data using social media analytics tools to make business decisions. Not to be confused with social media metrics, social media analytics is the art and science of extracting valuable hidden insights from the vast amount of data gathered from your contents, ads and website to enable informed and insightful decision making.

From metrics to analytics

Metrics are a standard of measurement that serves as an integral component of accountability. For example:

– Engagement (likes/reactions, shares/retweets, comments/replies, clicks, Click-through-rate)

– Reach (Impressions, number of people who saw your post, number of times your brand was mentioned, number of followers)

– Conversions (downloads, sign ups, sales, leads)

Metrics are helpful for letting you know what is currently happening, and what has changed over a specified period of time. These numbers and trends are fairly easy to access, and honestly, quite simple to put them into a clean report with a bunch of graphs and charts that make it all look very professional. In fact, most other digital agencies simply purchase a social media reporting tool, download the statistics and send it to their client monthly – which can be done in a minute.

These metrics report usually do not offer much value to the business because they do not offer any insights as to why they happened.

At Incepte, we have a team of data scientists that can transform the metrics into analytics. They are able to pull the numbers together and make sense of those numbers. For example, what are the reasons that more people are clicking on this content this month than last month? What are the steps that we should take to drive even more people to your website?

The real skill is being able to answer why, and when you engage us as your digital marketing agency, you would find out why we are able to help our clients’ achieve phenomenal success and growth.

We are proud to say that social media analytics is one of our strongest suits among all the other digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Achieve the growth that you want for your business. Stop wasting time on metrics report than don’t support your goals.

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