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What is Social Media Metrics?

Not to be confused with social media analytics, social media metrics are data and statistics that give you an overall idea of your social media marketing performance.

For the most part, metrics that marketers usually would measure include reach, engagement and conversions. Metrics answer The What in the question. For example, what did this content do for the business? How many people saw it or engaged with it?

There are a lot of social analytics tools online that can provide you with the metrics you want in one click. However, do note that metrics are just raw data. They are useful for letting you know what is happening and what is changing over a period of time.

Unless a metric can be attributed toward taking an action, it’s considered a vanity. For example, you are a fashion eCommerce store that sells sneakers and shirts. As the owner, you might be satisfied that your Facebook page has over 10,000 likes and your site generates over 10,000 page views per month. You might even think of these as measures of success. These, however, often to not translate into any tangible business action and value.

What you really need is someone that can extract valuable hidden insights from the data gathered from your social media, contents and ads.

What you need is Social Media Analytics.

At Incepte, we have a team of data scientists that can transform the metrics into analytics. They are able to pull the numbers together and make sense of those numbers. For example, what are the reasons that more people are clicking on this content this month than last month? What are the steps that we should take to drive even more people to your ebsite?

The real skill is being able to answer why, and when you engage us as your digital marketing agency, you would find out why we are able to help our clients’ achieve phenomenal success and growth.

We are proud to say that social media analytics is one of our strongest suits among all the other digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Achieve the growth that you want for your business. Stop wasting time on metrics report than don’t support your goals.

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