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The meme’s place in marketing

Companies are trying more than ever to connect with their customers through the language of Internet culture – or what is commonly known as memes.

In recent years, advertisers have taken to memes to sell products on social media – with brands like Wendy’s and IKEA “slaying” the scene. However, for every brand that has been able to create appropriate memes for their campaigns, a hundred brands have failed to do so in spectacular fashion – unleashing a legion of keyboard warriors and angry mob.

To integrate meme into one’s content strategy would require a deep understanding of how social media works, and how it can be integrated into the brand’s persona.

Viral memes – Our specialty

There aren’t a lot of digital agencies in Singapore that can honestly tell you when was their last “viral” campaign.

At Incepte, however, we are the master of memes.

Through strategic timing and tact, we are able to garner hundred to thousands of shares on our meme campaigns – generating thousands of media value at a fraction of the cost.

Curious to know what were the memes we created that went viral? Contact us now using the form below or drop us an email at to know more!