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Studies have shown that using visuals help the audience remember the information more effectively. Visuals that pop and attract attention right away are almost the sure-fire way to boost those engagement numbers.

With hundreds to thousands of social posts flooding your potential customers every day, you need a solid visual strategy to help you pop and stand out from the rest. In numerous studies, it has been shown that aesthetics have a significant impact with purchase intention. Take for example, the top 10 best-selling sneakers in 2018 Q1, and you would find that none of these shoes are true performance products – illustrating the shift to aesthetics appeal.

Social media posts are branding opportunities for your products and brand. Having great visual content on social media will mean more reach, engagement and eventually, more sales. A solid visual strategy is one where your visual content has a clear, consistent look and feel.

Elements of a visual strategy:

– Colour scheme/ brand colours

– Fonts

– Logo

– Filters

– Mood and feel of chosen images

Consistency in your visual contents will make your brand more recognizable and strengthens brand recall when your audience constantly sees the same type of visual elements in your contents.

Unfortunately, not every business has the required skills, resources, and especially time to focus on visual branding and strategy.

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