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Social Media Marketing Singapore
“If you are not on social media, you don’t exist.”
Harness the power of social with creative campaigns and engaging contents

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Why choose Incepte for Social Media Marketing


In a highly competitive market like Singapore, consumers are exposed to dozens of ads every single day. Most ads, however, fail to hit the mark: disjointed, confusing and lack emotions. At Incepte, we only conceptualise simple yet creative ideas that will win hearts and minds.


Every single person on the team is trained to be results oriented. In fact, we call ourselves the ROI – Results Oriented Individuals.


Large agencies are like kingdoms – with structures and deeply rooted process and routine. As a boutique creative agency, we are more likely to adapt to the way and speed that you work. We are also able to offer a tailored, customised service, working closely with you to create only the best contents for your brand.

Working within any budget

Whether you are a small or big business, we will customise our marketing packages and services to suit the goals and budget of your brand, because we understand that every single business is unique, and there is never a one-size-fit-all option that can address every single need.

Friendly and approachable

The world of digital marketing is growing at a rapid pace, and we understand that there is a lot of information to take in every single day. As your digital agency, we will ensure that you will always be kept updated with our works, as well as the latest social media trends.

Our past campaigns

How we increased the leads by 10X within 3 months – Brow Art Asia

How we helped a traditional brand stay relevant – Huiji

How a new health content portal became an Asia powerhouse
with over 300k Facebook fans within a year – HealthLoco

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