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Aside from providing marketing and events services to our clients, we also provide video production services. WHY? There’s nothing the people love more than music and a show. If you’re looking to increase your market share by garnering greater brand awareness through some form on interactive medium, there’s no better way to attempt this than through a premiere marketing video. In a market as competitive as Singapore’s, it’s absolutely crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from their rivals by appealing to their target demographic in a distinct and unique way. For many, this stroke of distinction comes in the form of a marketing video, immaculately crafted by a team of audio-visual experts to define the brands and personalities of their client’s businesses.

Video Production Company Singapore

Video Production for a Business?

It isn’t easy to produce a video. The technical skill required to edit the material has to be complemented with an impeccable sense of artistic direction, which makes it extremely difficult for laymen to produce and edit a regular video on top of all your work. Hence, it only makes sense to hire an external agency to do it. Whether you’re attempting to extend your brand or maintain your relevance, it’s utterly crucial that you hire an agency that you trust to create an outstanding publicity reel for you. Incepte will be able to edit and produce a video for you according to your needs.

From viral video campaigns to an introductory film reel on your website, Incepte’s got your back.


Singapore Video Production Company

Better User Experience

Sometimes having a video that could connect to its audience could result in users feeling like they’re being immerses in a powerful emotional moment that resonates with them deeply. Through the magic of audio-visual technology, companies are able to capture both the imaginations and hearts of prospective buyers and employees.

Video Production Company Singapore

Help Customers Stay

Some customers are on the perpetual brink of leaving. They feel like they might switch companies or rescind their brand loyalties, after objectively assessing the merits of your business and have found them to be wanting. At times like these, the only thing that might change their mind is the heart rending content and emotional connection of a video.

Singapore Video Production Company

Brand Awareness

A really effective viral marketing campaign and make or break a company. Nothing sticks in people’s minds better than a touching image, infectious beat or a ludicrously hilarious premise, and if you can find the right agency to edit your advertisement to invoke the perfect response your company could find itself breaking into the mainstream, public consciousness quite literally overnight.

Why choose Incepte As A Video Production Company in Singapore

Understand Business Goals

At Incepte, our policy has always been to forge strong partnerships through communication and collaboration with our clients. We’ll go all-out to comprehend and scrutinize your concerns and needs before coming to a joint decision with you so as to make certain that you’re completely satisfied with our end product.

Know Target Audience

Once our team determines the direction you want to take with the video, they’ll work with you to decide on the target audience the video is intended for. We’ll use our experience and studying of trends regarding your target demographic to conclude the approach we’ll be taking to appeal to them.


Next up, we’ll use our analysis of what’s worked before with the target audience and what would be ground-breaking before finding a concept which combines elements of both to forge a revolutionary new idea that would align with what’s traditionally appealed to your audience with a fresh new spin on it.


Following the finalization of our concept, we determine a strategy for the production, editing, analysis, presentation and distribution of this video project before getting into the minutiae of assigning roles according to respective strengths and experiences. Our methodical approach to executing this project is testament to the strength of our work ethic.


At this stage, our team of experts follows through with the layout and plan that had been decided through an extensive collaboration with our clients to carry out every single portion of the project by utilizing existing footage and filming new material where necessary, so as to attain the raw material to put together a masterful piece.


This is the part that could elevate or annihilate the project’s ultimate quality, so it’s pretty fortunate that you can trust our talented Incepte Video Production team to ensure that the pacing and tone of the video adhere to the vision we had collaborated with to conceive of in the initial phase of this project.


As with any assignment, a healthy dose of contemplation, reflection and refinement is necessary to truly cap off the final phase of this project. Client and developer alike will give their final analysis and approval of the video before its release into the world – a resplendent realization of their collaborative vision.

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