Web Design & Development

Web design & web development

Website Designing is everything that your website is – the contents, the way it looks and the way it works. Its development is a process of conceptualizing and archiving a collection of electronic files that will determine the Visual Aesthetics of the website that the end-users will see. They comprise of the architectural layout, color theme, text and graphics.

Branding in the website aims to leave a highly memorable impression of your brand due to its consistency and prominent visual representation on your web page. It is important for the website to reflect the personality of the person,service or product that the site is used for.

Navigation is the umbrella structure that uses straightforward tags and tabs to access different Key content areas that are available in the site.

Call to Action are interactive buttons on the site that call for visitors to interact and perform an action on the site. Some examples include “Go”, “Search”, “Buy”.

UI/UX and Web Design Company

The strength of a website is mainly dependent on its ability to deliver value from two design aspects which are UX, User Experience design and UI, User Interface design. These two elements make up the design of the webpage– ie. everything that you see when you visit our webpage.

Withtrends and customer needs constantly changing, websites need to stay relevant to continuously attractusers byanalyzing what’s hot in the current climate and implementing technical updates for the online websites to stay trendy. 

While User Experience (UX) design is a conglomeration of tasks focused on optimization of a service/product for effective and enjoyable use; User Interface (UI) design is its compliment which createsthe look and feel,personalized presentation and interactivity of a service/product on the site.

Having aclean and elegant website will portray credibility and professionalism in this world of e-commerce and help to sustain in the market for the long run.

Why Build Your Website With Incepte Web Design Company

  1. Mobile Responsive – With Incepte, the web designs will be mobile responsive, allowing it to be accessed as easily on a small screen as a large one. Designs created on Desktops will also be altered to fit nicely into tablets and mobile. This adaptability allows for more fluid and responsive design format. As above mobile-based searches now make up about one quarter of all searches, it is important for any website to look pleasing in any screens to showcase professionalism.
  1. Solid Foundation – HTML is an underlying code used to design the structure and content of the web pages. Incepte adopts this mode of designing to create a strong foundation on which the text and images will be included with hyperlinks that visitors can use to navigate around the web sites. It is like setting thehouse frame for the building to be built on.
  1. Simple to Maintain – The website that Incepte will help you to build will be simple to maintain as the design itself will be straightforward. Also, to optimize the page, constant tweaking and testing will be automated for reporting the website ranking and statistics. If error were to occur, immediate back-end troubleshooting will be used to keep the page up to date, performing all necessary tasks in the latest web browsers and mobile devices.
  1. Speed Optimization – Web performance Optimization highly depends on the speed optimization of the site load time. Visitors retention, loyalty and user satisfaction from websites are highly in relation to the loading time it takes for the page to render.Some aspects which are known toaffect the speed of page load include browser/server cache, image optimization, and encryption. Incepte engages techniques such as multi-layered cache, light weight designs, and asynchronous communication with server-side components to cut down on lag time.
  1. eCommerce Solution – Incepte leading web agency ensures that you have a fully integrated ecommerce platform in which you can capitalize on the growth of ecommerce in Singapore. A comprehensive eCommerce marketing plan will be devised to attract visitors and convert them into buyers with a combination of our expertise in SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing.We can also analyze the conversion funnel for your payable items and identify loop holes through a mixture of a site and conversion rate optimization audit.
  1. Creative design to retain customers – The look and feel of this site will be uniquelycatered to the personality of your branding and adhering to the current trend that customers are attracted to. Thecolor themes, typography and images will be constantly vetted and compared to the trending statistics that we will collate regularly. As a whole,Incpete will amalgamate the design concept of your interest with the current popular visuals to retain customers.