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Corporate Website/ Static Website

Having a corporate website is akin to having another platform for your prospects to know about your brand and business. However, with increased competition in the market, corporate websites can no longer get away with just a normal website to post occasional news or product promotions.


Unfortunately, there are still web development companies in Singapore that are designing websites using template based CMS without any consideration of conceptual design, uniqueness and quality user experience (UX).


At Incepte, our highly-trained team can help you create a corporate website that leans towards providing visitors a dynamic, unique experience that represents your brand, generates interest and provide valuable contents that make users want to discover more about your company’s offering.

Our Corporate Website Design experience

1. Separate design, usability, Internet marketing and programming teams

2. Incepte’s design team are experienced in marketing, branding, graphics, user interface design (UI) and UX.

3. We will design the website that will engage your target audience

4. We will research on your competitors and make recommendations that will give you the unique competitive advantage.

Our focus in Corporate Website design

A corporate website needs to capture the personality of the company and its purpose and objectives, while remaining professional in order to leave a solid and lasting impression to the customers. The design needs to incorporate the vision of the company and have a clear and strong value proposition that can come through on the website through design and content.

Your image and brand

Incepte will help you improve your brand and image on the web.

Unique and Interesting

Incepte delivers designs that stand out and are memorable.

Minimalistic design and well organised

A clean and well organised website will encourage longer browsing and reduce the bounce rate.

Designed for UI and UX

When designs are tailored towards users, there will be positive results.


Incepte researches your competitors and uses the results to deliver the best UX for your target audience.

Ahead of the curve

Incepte stays ahead of the curve by always updating ourselves with the latest trends, and recommends you on the best strategies in order to take advantage of it.

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The Wall Company



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